This TED Talk is about how your personal information is the new oil of the digital economy. Pernille Tranberg talks about how in years to come we will regret our decisions of putting out information online. She also talks about different tools one can use to protect themselves and keep their identities safe. Although personal information is valuable now, it will be even more valuable in the future. One way to protect yourself is to make multiple online personas with

The article Take Control of Your Online Image is about how to properly control your digital image. The first step is to google yourself. From here, you can sign up on to receive a notification whenever your name is mentioned in anything. The next step is to remove any negative content regarding your name. This may require you to message people on Facebook or call up a certain company. Although this might take time, it is well worth the effort. Lastly, you should build up your online image. You can do this by buying your domain name ( in my case), making a LinkedIn, or even just making a twitter with your full name as the handle.

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  1. I’ve used this video in previous offerings of this course! I mix it up and try to incorporate new information each time as well. As we’re seeing though, there may be repercussions to creating fake or alternative online identities. Interesting balance to try and maintain.

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