On Tuesday I visited the New York City Office of LinkedIn. At LinkedIn, we met up with two Muhlenberg alumni and had lunch. From there, we talked about the different elements at LinkedIn such as the culture. At LinkedIn, they have a very unorthodox system. People get promoted for questioning the system. Every month, they also have an event called In day where the employees take time off to do fun activities such as laser tag and meditation. Another interesting addition to LinkedIn is that each staff member gets two thousand dollars to spend on any kind of physical wellness/fitness activity. This helps the staff stay fit and well minded.

After that, we had a panel with five other employees. These employees gave us advice on what they look for in new employees, what the hardest part was of adjusting to work after college, and how to ace an interview.

Next came the tour. LinkedIn owns ten floors of the Empire State Building! Each floor is a giant loop with offices, game rooms, cafeterias, and many other things. One floor had a wall covered in old rotary phones. When a certain phone was lifted, a hidden door opened up into a speakeasy. Overall LinkedIn was a great experience where I met many hardworking people who still knew how to have fun.

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  1. What a great opportunity! Glad you were able to take advantage of this trip.
    Did they offer any advice on creating effective LinkedIn profiles? Hopefully you can include those alumni in your network.

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