Going into my first year of College I don’t really know what to expect. I know the basics such as the increased difficulty, but I don’t know how I will change as a person. Although only time will tell how I’m going to change, at least I have one familiar aspect that’s still the same: making websites. Even though I’m making this through a new engine, it still requires the same techniques and general ways of thinking. I hope that throughout this semester, where my whole life starts to change before my eyes, my first year seminar will be my anchor and keep me attached to the principles that make me who I am.

Technology has always been a familiar to me throughout my life. My generation is one of the first to have phones as kids and that makes us different. We have a new perspective on life that only others can imagine. We grasp new technologies and adapt faster to the digital world. This gives us an advantage to this new world approaching. I’m taking “Who Controls your Digital World” to better understand the world I’m growing up in and to help me stay afloat in the tidal wave of newly emerging technology. Hopefully this course will meet my expectations and maybe even exceed them.

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