Technology has always been a fascinating topic to me. Ever since I got my dinky flip-phone in 5th grade I have been pushing the limits on my devices. First it started with my I-Phone. One day while reorganizing my apps I wanted to have an empty page to see my background. After trying for a solid five minutes I realized that it wasn’t possible with the ios. So naturally I googled how to do it and then proceeded to root my I-Phone. From there I proceeded to find out what else I could do. The next morning, here comes 7th grade me walking into school with an I-Phone that is completely customized and has at least twice as many features than the standard phone. That was the start of my technology tinkering.

From there I jumped around different areas of the digital world. I taught myself GIMP!, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Tinker-CAD, Blender, CSS, and HTML. With these skills I have made multiple professional websites for different companies including The Irvington Diversity Foundation and Galvanize Worldwide. With this experience I have created a business network for myself that is the same size as college seniors’.

To learn all of the skills required a great amount of patience. I taught myself most of these through either YouTube or a third party website. The only exception to this are Adobe After Effects and Blender. This I learned in a summer class I took in eighth grade. This class taught me how to properly animate. Although I don’t use them very often nowadays, they also taught me how to 3D model which could be very useful.

With technology comes Entrepreneurial ideas. Since digital technology is a relatively new development, there are still plenty of areas to be improved. My goal is to jump on to the bandwagon of the Digital Revolution and to make my name remembered for years to come. There are various ways in which I can do this. Since I’m intending to major in chemistry, I will most likely try to invent a new conductor, wire, or battery. Hopefully I’m able to stick to this goal despite the challenges that life is sure to throw at me.

Building on Entrepreneurial ideas, I hope to make some money in college. Although I don’t know how yet, I believe the best way to go about this is to build something that is useful within the dorms. One way to do this is with a 3D printer. With my knowledge of Blender, a 3D design tool, I can design products such as phone cases for students. All though I don’t know exactly what I’ll make yet, I hope it will earn me a profit.

Throughout my life, I have always had technology. Being technologically literate has gotten me far in this world and I hope it will give me an advantage in life.

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